Security Alert To The Customers And General Public

               It has been brought to our notice that customers of various banks are receiving fake/misleading emails (Popularly know as Phishing) apparently emanating from Bank's email id. The email stated that the customers account has been chosen for verification purposes and customers were being requested to update sensitive account information like UserID, Password, Transaction Password, Debit Card Number, Mobile/Phone Number, etc., by clicking on a hyperlink provided in the email or by visiting a website.

               It has been found that the hyperlink provided in the email was directing the customers to a web page hosted in a server at a different location, deceptively similar to Bank's home page. Once the information is submitted by the customer, he/she is redirected to Bank's original website.

In this regard Karur Vysya Bank advises the customers as following:

               Karur Vysya Bank does not request for the account information of the customers in any form. Please do not provide personal information like passwords, PIN, Debit Card Number etc., to any entity in response to an email, oral or any other kind of request.

               If you receive any e-mail claiming to be from Karur Vysya Bank regarding updating sensitive account information, please forward the e-mail to or

               If you have revealed any of the sensitive account information as indicated above, please change the passwords and pins immediately.

               Do no click on any link to access our web site. Always type or into the browser address field to go to the website of Karur Vysya Bank.

               View any email request for financial information or personal data, with suspicion.

               Contact the Bank and confirm before acting on any such emails.

               Periodically verify the transaction history for its correctness.

               Look for correct URL address and also the SSL Lock at the bottom of the browser as shown below.

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